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RNAi Services (BIONEER)

BIONEER, the market leader in RNAi technology in Asia, offers siRNA design and synthesis service for European researchers. The company has developed a broad RNAi portfolio consisting of predesigned siRNA libraries, PCR primers for knockdown validation, Human validated siRNA libraries, Human siRNA library sets and subsets and Control siRNAs.

All BIONEER's siRNAs are designed using proprietary Turbo si-Designer software which identifies highly effective siRNA target sites with remarkably high knockdown rates what allows to get the siRNA with extraordinary knockdown efficiency and minimal off-target effects.

For RNAi research BIONEER offers:

 - Predesigned siRNA libraries
 - PCR primers for knockdown validation
 - Human validated siRNA libraries
 - Human siRNA library sets and subsets
 - Control siRNAs
 - siRNA design and synthesis 

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rnai figure11

High Knockdown efficiency of AccuTarget Genome-wide Predesigned siRNA. HeLa cells were transfected with siRNAs at 100 nM concentration. 24 hours post-transfection, total RNA was isolated and the level of target mRNA was measured by qRT-PCR. This data demonstrates the effectiveness of the Turbo si-Designer algorithm: 83.8% of tested siRNAs induced >70% siRNA Knockdown and 38.1% of tested siRNAs elicited >90% knockdown.

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