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AccuPower® HotStart PCR PreMix (with UDG)

  • Product from BIONEER

  • Unique enzyme-mediated HotStart results in greater specificity and more robust reactions

  • Ready to use PCR Mastermix - just add template and primers and start your PCR

  • Employs 3 times more processive than Taq - Top DNA Polymerase, combined with dUTP and UDG to prevent PCR carry-over contamination

  • Available as prealiquoted lyophilized mastermix stable at room temperature for a month and for 2 years at -20°C

  • Includes electrophoresis dye for direct gel loading

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AccuPower® HotStart PCR PreMix (with UDG) is a PCR master mix containing a thermostable DNA polymerase, thermostable pyrophosphatase, UDG and dUTP, reaction buffer, dNTPs, tracking dye, and patented stabilizer in a ready to use HotStart PCR Master Mix.

AccuPower® HotStart PreMix PCR master mix includes a super-processive “three times faster than Taq” Top DNA Polymerase for the fastest nucleic acid amplification. Top DNA Polymerase is ideal for applications where you would normally use Taq.

Bioneer uses a unique enzyme-mediated HotStart PCR that provides robust and reliable results. Bioneer's Top DNA Polymerase is inhibited at lower temperatures (< 70°C) by pyrophosphate. However, Top DNA Polymerase is rendered fully active at temperatures above 70°C via pyrophosphate hydrolysis with our thermostable pyrophosphatase. This prevents the formation of mis-primed products and primer-dimers during the reaction set up process resulting in improved PCR specificity. It is ideal for nucleic acid amplification reactions involving complex genomic or cDNA templates, very low copy targets, and multiplex reactions.


UDG and dUTP in the PreMix prevent the reamplification of carryover PCR products. dUTP ensures that any amplified DNA will contain uracil, while UDG removes uracil residues from ss or ds DNA, preventing dU-containing DNA from serving as template in future PCRs.

The UDG incubation step (37°C, 2min) before PCR cycling destroys any dU-containing products from previous reactions. UDG is then inactivated by the high temperatures during normal PCR cycling, thereby allowing the amplification of genuine target sequences.

AccuPower® HotStart PreMix (with UDG) is available as a prealiquoted lyophilized mastermix with electrophoresis loading dye, providing convenience of use and saving time for pipeting your reactions and for adding dye before the gel loading. Lyophilized mastermix is stable at room temperature for a months.




  • 5' to 3' exonuclease: No
  • 3' to 5' exonuclease: No
  • 3’ – A Overhang: Yes
  • Fragment Size: ~ 12 kb


  • Genome template’s PCR
  • Low-copy target's PCR
  • Multiplex PCR
  • cDNA templates PCR
  • Molecular Diagnosis

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