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AccuPrep® Nano-plus Plasmid Maxi Extraction Kit

  • Product from BIONEER

  • High plasmid maxiprep yields in just 60 minutes, thanks Nano-Technology combined with alkaline lysis

  • Universal kit for both high-copy and low-copy number plasmid DNA, for endA+ strains

  • High column binding capacity, excellent purity plasmid for all demanding applications


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Bioneer's AccuPrep® DNA/ RNA Extraction Kit series are manual nucleic acid extraction kits based on the use of  a single spin column with glass micro fiber filters. TheAccuPrep® Nano-Plus Plasmid DNA Extraction Kits use modified alkaline lysis method (Birnboim et al, 1979) and Bioneer’s proprietary patented nano-Technology - a cell fragment and protein removal technique  to reduce plasmid DNA prep time from the usual 30 minutes to a revolutionary 10 minutes. The proprietary nano-particles form a complex with cellular debris, denatured proteins and chromosomal DNA to form a clear lysate that contains only plasmid DNA within just 1 minute (compared to the traditional 10 minutes), shortening the entire process of plasmid purification to 10 minutes.

The AccuPrep® Nano-Plus Plasmid Maxi Extraction Kit provides high purity plasmid DNA (~500 ug)  from 100 ml of cultured bacterial cells in just 60 minutes. Collected cells are re-suspended in Resuspension Buffer containing Nano-particles. Following the addition of Lysis Buffer and Neutralization Buffer to the lysate, the chromosomal DNA and cell debris will form an insoluble aggregate. Nano-particles effectively bind to the protein aggregate and increase the total weight of the complex. The insoluble protein aggregate is removed by short centrifugation and the clear lysate is transferred to the DNA binding filter tube (column). The cleared lysate contains a chaotropic salt originating from Neutralization Buffer which guaranties binding of the plasmid DNA on the membrane surface. The column binding capacity is up to 500 ug of plasmid DNA. Any salts and precipitates are eliminated by addition of the Washing Buffer. Finally, highly purified plasmid DNA is eluted with Elution Buffer or Nuclease free autoclaved distilled water (not provided).






Fig. 1 Significantly Reduced Total Prep Time
The nano-particles in the Buffer ① (Resuspension buffer) form a complex  with insoluble protein aggregates, cell debris and chromosomal DNA. The complex is separated from the solution in centrifuge step(1min.) to obtain a cleared lysate which contains target plasmid DNA.
B - AccuPrep® Nano-Plus Plasmid Maxi Extraction Kit, Q, P - Competitors



Fig. 2 Improved Prep. Yield
High yields of Plasmid DNA purified with the AccuPrep® Nano-Plus Midi Extraction Kit.
B - AccuPrep® Nano-Plus Plasmid Maxi Extraction Kit; P, Q - Competitors



   Starting culture volume 100 ml ~
   Column binding capacity > 500 ug
   Elution volume 1 ml
   Expected DNA yield Up to 300 - 500 ug
   Preparation time < 60 min


Components K-3131 (25 reaction) K-3132 (10 reaction)
Buffer ① (Resuspension buffer) 240 ml X 1 ea 96 ml X 1 ea
Buffer ② (Lysis buffer) 240 ml X 1 ea 96 ml X 1 ea
Buffer ③ (Neutralization buffer) 240 ml X 1 ea 96 ml X 1 ea
Buffer ④ (Washing buffer) 80 ml X 3 ea 30 ml X 3 ea
Buffer ⑤ (Elution buffer) 50 ml X 1 ea 20 ml X 1 ea
RNase A, lyophilized 24 mg X 1 ea 9.6 mg X 1 ea
Clearing Syringe Filter (30ml) 25 ea X 1 pack 10 ea X 1 pack
DNA Binding Filter Tubes 25 ea X 1 pack 10 ea X 1 pack
Manual 1 ea 1 ea
One Page Protocol 1 ea 1 ea

Supporting Data




• Manual_AccuPrep® Nano-Plus Plasmid Maxi Extraction Kit


• DNA-RNA Preparation 2010 Brochure

Quality Assurance

Bioneer is the holder of Quality Management System Certificates for the following standards.

• ISO 9001:2008 - certificate

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