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EU Entity Set-Up & Management


Establish or Strengthen Your Brand in Europe


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bts assists Life Science companies in strengthening their brand presence in Europe and efficiently connects them to the local markets.

What Do We Offer

 20 years experience in Life Science

Creating sales & marketing organizations.

Leading corporate development, sales, business development, finance, legal, compliance and operations.

 Assisting Organizations

Distribution of branded products in the EU.

Setting up and managing business operations in the EU.


 Connecting Businesses and People

Leveraging a network of >15000 potential customers.

Initiating and implementing partnerships, continuously.

bts Partnership Milestones

bts provides Life Science organizations with a convenient platform to establish and strengthen their brand presence in the EU. Understanding itself as a greenhouse / incubator, bts helps Life Science organizations to develop highly result-orientated and cost-effective strategies.

bts offers a wide range of service modules from a classical distribution via a simple virtual office up to managing a fully operational local company. Beyond classical distribution bts also offers corporate development services which comprise set-up and operation of undisclosed associations under the umbrella of bts as well as of independent corporations including Legal representations, Virtual offices, Fiscal entities, Branch offices, Affiliates, Joint ventures.

bts provides marketing services from creating marketing content and product documentation up to establishing of fully functional webshops.


Building-Up The EU Branches Includes Following Steps Where bts Assists You:


Registered location in the EU

Back office in EU time zone

Logistics (Local stock, 24 hours delivery in the EU)


Brand presence in the EU

Development of fully functional webshops

Marketing services (catalogs, broschures, product documentation) optimized for the EU markets


Your local Sales Team

Candidate Search, Evaluation & Integration

 Training & Coaching:

Business maintenance and expansion

Sales trainings

Why The Local European Branch Is Better Than A Classical Distribution Model

For infrastructure: full control over processes, personnel, products, communication, finances and expansion.

For marketing: Your brand is in the focus, Your message is communicated consistently to customers.

For sales: You own the customer data, Your team is in touch with the customers.

For customers: You are closer, a local partner, a worldwide company having attractive shipping cost, faster delivery, local customer & tech support, no customs.

Typical Scenario Of Establishing Your European Brand Presence With bts:

1.  Life Science Manufacturer “LSM” from Asia seeks for the better brand presence in the EU.

2.  bts registers the optimal LSM entity (LSM-local).

3.  bts/LSM-local establishes local EU stock and starts servicing existing, EU based distributors of LSM providing them faster delivery, lower transportation costs, no customs, local language and time zone support.

4.  bts delivers report on key markets, prospects, field sales resources needed.

5.  bts and LSM train sales & customer service teams on LSM products, arranges LSM-local business cards, collaterals.

6.  Trained bts field sales force starts as LSM-local reps servicing existing and acquiring new customers.

7.  bts/LSM-local analyses processes and reports to LSM, develop and implement the future LSM strategy, start establishing additional European entities to even better service customers and leverage LSM’s full potential.

To Work With bts Is Of Advantage

 - You get a trust worthy, reliable partner with proven track record

 - You keep ownership and control over your products, services and customer data

 - You facilitate faster growth

 - You maximize your ROI



 - Listens to you and your market

 - Understands your and your market’s needs

 - Assists by delivering solutions in time

 - Connects you with the network of > 15000 potential customers


Let bts Assist & Connect You, email us now!


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